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Date: 07/10/19 20:49
UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: SCKP187

oklachaser and I made a quick Nebraska turn this week to get shots of the UP 4014 east move (shots of that maybe tomorrow)
Here is a few from along the way.

1.     First time I have ever caught the KYLE on the move---CORP 4074-Utah RY 5002-SP 9330 east leaving Beloit KS on the former UP Solomon Branch zipping along at 6 minutes per mile
2.     Utah 5002 & SP9330 tunnel motor in the consist
3.     With so many SD70Ms I've seen on trains lately, I was surprised to see all of these units in storage at Hastings NE

severa more to follow

Date: 07/10/19 20:53
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

Nice catch of the KYLE.

Date: 07/10/19 20:55
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: SCKP187

4.    Locals that I saw were down to 1 unit being the normal as UP 508 at Wood River NE.  In the past this local has had 2 or 3 units.
5.     There were lots of trains like UP 7188 with a bunch of power and mix of tanks, grain, box cars, and usually a block of auto racks tacked on the tail end, Wood River NE
6.     Still several coal loads out on the road such as UP 9062 also at Wood River

Date: 07/10/19 21:00
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: SCKP187

7.     and UP 2712 at Elm Creek NE
8.     Several eastbound container trains were just using 1 unit as in this shot of UP 7842 at O'Fallons NE
9.     UP 8076 with another good mixed junk manifest heads west approaching Ogallala NE
photos July 7 & 8 2019  Thanks for looking
Brian Stevens

Date: 07/10/19 21:38
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: Greyhounds

I really like #4 and your comments about it.

It's a 14 car train that can easily be handled by that one locomotive.  The stated fact that the UP formerly put 2-3 locomotives on such a train shows just how wasteful they were being in the past.

I once worked a contract job in Plymouth, MN.  I'd go out for a smoke break and see the UP switching a customer with three locomotives spotting a car.  Why?

I know, the locomotive might break down.  But how often does that happen?  What's the frequency/severity index?  Managing risks is just part of the job at any organization.  And you can't just throw resources and money at the problem.

Date: 07/10/19 22:22
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE series Brian. Lots of interesting action. Good looking KYLE train. Looked like a fun trip!


Date: 07/10/19 23:17
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: SD70M

Thanks, nice series. Whetting my appetite for my visit there next month.

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Date: 07/11/19 05:29
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: twjurgens

You had a good day!  Nice photos.  Hope you have good luck today!

Date: 07/11/19 05:43
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: SP8595

Nice series, Great catch on the Kyle!

Date: 07/12/19 13:41
Re: UP Action in Nebraska . . .
Author: RailFanAZ

Great Series and Catches.

RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

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