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Western Railroad Discussion > Dramatic lean at Archer

Date: 08/12/19 03:16
Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: santafe199

Were you expecting to see some familiar angle from the Pershing overpass? Gotcha! I’m actually about 3 miles east of that spot, a little over halfway between Hillsdale & Archer. It’s a bit closer to Archer, good enough for me to use that for a location name.

There is no doubt that getting “dramatic lean” in a train shot is a goal every railfan photographer aspires to, at least once in a while. I had scouted this shot out 4 years ago while on a visit with Bob Krieger, TO’s own ‘Bob3985’, but didn’t get any shots. Then last week, while on a first time chase with another TO member ‘ATSFSuperChief’ I got the chance to shoot this spot. It was well worth the 4 year delay…

1. 2. & 3. UP 6469 with westbound autoracks along Rd 215 (aka Railroad Rd) east of Archer, WY on July 29, 2019.

Thanks for the company!
Lance Garrels

Date: 08/12/19 13:13
Re: Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: RailFanAZ

Nice Lance!

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RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

Date: 08/12/19 13:46
Re: Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: Bob3985

That's my district I ran before being selected for the steam crew. I always liked the Archer curves and hill.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 08/12/19 19:43
Re: Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: atsf121


Date: 08/12/19 21:14
Re: Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Excellent series Lance. So glad we went there and you found this spot even though I had been riding with Bob Krieger there many years ago it was from opposite directions as we were coming from Egbert, WY westward. And the next train was fantastic over taking this one.

Don Allender

Date: 08/12/19 21:56
Re: Dramatic lean at Archer
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE lean! Nice shots!


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