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Date: 08/12/19 12:42
Mission: Get lucky
Author: CBRL

I heard that the southbound PWWC (Portland and Western to West Colton, CA) was leaving Eugene yesterday evening and thought I could see if I could get a decent shot, even though the light for southbounds is horrible south of town.  I got lucky a little before sunset and got a decent shot of the train, in shadow, with a few trees in the background still lit up.  About the best I could hope for.  UP 6735 leads a 2 GE/2 EMD power lashup at Fall Creek Junction south of Springfield, OR, one of my favorite local spots.  Thanks for looking!

Tom Trent
Eugene, OR

Date: 08/12/19 13:00
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: santafe199

Job well done! It even looks like you got a wink of approval from that ditch light... ;^)


Date: 08/12/19 13:12
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: Copy19

Pretty shot.  I like the light and shadows.

JB - Omaha

Date: 08/12/19 14:30
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: SPgoletablock

With the conditions you were dealt, nice shot!

Date: 08/12/19 15:18
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: DynamicBrake

Nice shot Tom, despite the atrocious lighting.  Thanks for sharing.

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 08/12/19 15:30
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: CBRL

Thanks for the comments, guys! The lead unit was ex-CNW 8833 - did the CNW C44ACs have alternating ditch lights like the ex-SP units?

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Tom Trent
Eugene, OR

Date: 08/12/19 16:13
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: zfan

Definitely cool pic with the light provided.

Date: 08/12/19 17:28
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: HH

That's a really nice shot, Tom.  You even captured the "penis rock" on the hillside in the background.
I remember seeing that and laughing when I was there on Memorial Day (without any trains).

Hopmere Hank

Date: 08/13/19 08:28
Re: Mission: Get lucky
Author: CM80-46

Great work! Was the hogger interested by your observation? I always tried to get prints,(back in the day) to the crew, it payed dividends down the road or row so to speak.  Crews loved to have pictures from work they couldn’t get them selves.
Along time ago, in the early 70’s, I would invest in a large bag of McDonalds burgers ,fries, ect.. Would hoop them up to the Milwaukee Road Greenbay job on the night run.  Next thing is I’m riding the cab of Milw. Road F-units ,it became a weekly event, priceless!

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