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Date: 10/02/19 15:42
Questions about the C&TS.
Author: ns2557

This Friday Oct 4th, the best half and myself are wanting to get down in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado and shoot the Narrow Gage down here. Our plan is to get to Antonito before 9am. Are there any places west of town that one could get some good shot's from/ How about a highway that follows the tracks as far west as Osier? Can one get to Osier easily, as looking at maps for the area it looks to be abit off the beaten path? How about at Antonitooooo itself? Can shots be taken in the station area and shops? What might some of the must go places to get some shots.

Will have a few hours to explore abit and am not real familiar with this area of Colorado. Also want to shoot some action in Alamosa on the SL&RG. This area I am somewhat familiar with so we should do ok here, but our real goal is the C&TS down Antonito way. Thanks for any thoughts. Be well, Ben

Date: 10/02/19 17:26
Re: Questions about the C&TS.
Author: callum_out

Antonito has the resto shop and "run through" shop as well as the turning loop, the station and the area that the
Friends use for their resto work. All of this is loops around the parking area and is easily accessible. There is a bit
of paved road out toward the second road crossing for an AM departing shot. From there is a primitive (non-
maintaned) road out past Ferguson Trestle which is usually in decent shape. From there it's two ruts all the way to
Big Horn and pretty much four wheeler territory. Sublette can be reached on a fairly good dirt road as can Osier
as well. That turnoff is about ten miles out of Antonito and so-so marked. Next viewpoint is looking down at Los
Pinos Valley East of Cumbres Summit, excellent paved road over Cumbres and down into Chama. Takes so huevos
and a good map if you're going back country.


Date: 10/02/19 18:47
Re: Questions about the C&TS.
Author: WW

In Antonito, the yard is open to visitation, the shops are not.   Roads are pretty much as noted in the post above.  Do not expect to really be able to "chase" the train for multiple shots between Antonito and Osier.  Most of the back roads are circuitous enough and rough enough that someone not familiar with the road network (and I use the term "road" broadly) can not keep up with the train.  Most of the backroads west of Antonito to the Sublette area are in the high desert and foothills, but don't be fooled.  If it rains or snows, they can become muddy messes that can even stick a 4WD.  Also, bow and black powder hunting seasons are going on in both Colorado and New Mexico, with rifle season starting pretty soon.  It's a really good time to be wearing fluorescent orange if you are going to be moseying around outside of a vehicle.  Last weekend and this weekend are also usually considered "color weekends" for the aspen, though I'm told the colors are coming on a little late this year.  So, don't expect to have the place to yourself this weekend. 

The  most scenic part of the whole line, between Sublette and Osier, is not road accessible.  The best way to see everything is to, well, ride the train.  

Date: 10/03/19 11:33
Re: Questions about the C&TS.
Author: dtoeppen

There isn't much going in in Antonito. I stayed at the motel adjacent to the railroad yard. I put up the "do not disturb" sign because i didn't want anyone messing with the camera gear that i'd left in the motel while I was on the train for the day. When I got back, not only was had someone gone in my room, but they had also left my door unlocked and AJAR! So do not disturb means come in and don't close the door when you leave, at least in that neck of the woods. Luckily, no gear was stolen.

But I digress. The best way to enjoy the train is to ride it. If that's an option for you, I think you'll find it more enjoyable than chasing the train. As others have pointed out, it's not really a chaseable train.

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