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Date: 10/03/19 12:01
Night Moves!
Author: santafe199

not to be confused with the Bob Seger classic

Under ordinary circumstances I probably wouldn’t have been around to take these shots. But a friend of mine texted me that he was on that train, fixin’ to come north from Peabody (KS). By the time the train made Lost Springs it would be touch & go if I’d still have daylight to shoot in. I was betting I could at least get some sunset silhouette effects.

But I know from first hand experience railroading is a 24/7/365 day & night proposition. I didn’t even get a chance to shoot a sunset. Still, just because it was a friend *working over my old Santa Fe territory* I was honor-bound to hang around. And since we no longer pay for film & processing…

1. The last light is fading from the Kansas sky. It’s 8:28 PM, where is my friend?

2. At 8:51 PM BNSF 9030 noses into the scene, in this previously posted image.
(2 photos looking west at the 330th St crossing)

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Date: 10/03/19 12:05
Re: Night Moves!
Author: santafe199

I swung around the country mile north and got a few more shots at the Chicago Ave/340th St crossing, which doubles as the ‘main drag’ through tiny Lost Springs.

3. The gates are about down, and…

4. & 5. …my friend in the 9030 (ME, 35 years ago in some Santa Fe geep) is slowly approaching the switch leading back onto home BNSF rails of the Strong City Sub.
(5 photos taken August 29, 2019 in Lost Springs, KS)

Thanks for the heads up!
Lance Garrels

OK… maybe a couple of Mr Bob Seger’s lyric lines:

Strange how the night moves
With autumn closing in
…” DJ Sir L

Date: 10/03/19 12:35
Re: Night Moves!
Author: gcm

These came out great.

Date: 10/03/19 13:03
Re: Night Moves!
Author: bmarti7

Nice shots lance. And glad your dusk-to-dark adventure was a safe one. On my last, such outting, I got the reflection of eyes staring at me several times. Fortunately the deer stayed put as I passed.



Date: 10/03/19 15:38
Re: Night Moves!
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE night shots!!


Date: 10/03/19 19:41
Re: Night Moves!
Author: SD45

Like those night shots.

Date: 10/03/19 21:01
Re: Night Moves!
Author: santafe199

Thanks gang! I had fun...

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