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Date: 11/08/19 18:03
Thar She Blows!!
Author: sp1827ml

On Thursday morning, 11/7/2019, the inbound crew on the MOGRV (Manifest, Ogden UT to Roseville CA) used up their hours of service and tied the train down at the Hafed siding, MP 252 on the Nevada Sub, east of Sparks NV. A few hours later, the Sparks yard job, YSP10, was sent out to retrieve the train and bring it in to the Sparks yard. As the train started pulling, the turbo seal went south, sending up a large amount of smoke from the engine compartment. The crew managed to get the train stopped and the fire soon burned itself out. But not before a "Concerned Motorist" called in the fire, that resulted in sending out several units from Storey County and Truckee Meadows fire departments to the scene. Not to mention a TV news crew that made an appearance after the fire had burned itself out. After a thorough inspection of the power, the decision was made and the crew limped the train to the Sparks yard.  

Sparks NV

Date: 11/08/19 18:04
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: trainjunkie

Date: 11/08/19 18:38
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: miralomarail

A rare photo, the One and only photo of the 4014 Smoking it up as it comes up from the rear, holding the Main

Date: 11/08/19 21:22
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: D0wnt1me

They dont call them toasters for nothing. 

Date: 11/08/19 21:55
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: Hookdragkick

Thanks for the close up. Killer photo! 

Date: 11/08/19 23:10
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: hawkinsun

Now if only the "Big Boy" could do that.

Craig Hanson
Vay, Idaho

Date: 11/09/19 07:23
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: BAB

Really?  Looks quite good the way it is much better than wasted fuel for some pix.

Date: 11/09/19 11:11
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: IC_2024

Great photo, Mark! Way to be “on scene” for what is a rarely recorded event 👍!

Date: 11/09/19 11:21
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: SP8595

Awesome shot!

Date: 11/09/19 18:58
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: CM80-46

I think the sliced white bread is scorched! In the toaster!

Date: 11/09/19 19:12
Unremarked -
Author: 567Chant

Extant codeline !
( operable ? Prolly not )
Replete with intact insulators !

Date: 11/09/19 19:24
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: CM80-46

Headed for the deadline or repair given the number of stored power?

Date: 11/09/19 20:36
Re: Thar She Blows!!
Author: kingman

These engines seem to do this alot.

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