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Western Railroad Discussion > Perris Museum question

Date: 11/27/19 12:05
Perris Museum question
Author: Mr-Beechcroft

This was taken in 1989. Is this the unit now painted SP black?


Date: 11/27/19 12:13
Re: Perris Museum question
Author: wattslocal

Yes, that's the SP 1006 when we bought it from National Metal & Steel scrapyard.
Lots of work, but is well worth it.

Watts local

Date: 11/27/19 12:54
Re: Perris Museum question
Author: bakersfielddave

i was out there a couple weekends ago, here is the locomotive

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Date: 11/27/19 14:08
Re: Perris Museum question
Author: TomPlatten

Actually the locomotive  would move under its own power when we got it, Unfortunately, the brake rigging was so mangled from its time in the scrapyard, we had to couple another locomotive to it in order to stop!  We have come a long way since those days. Many of the brake parts we installed were brand new!

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