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Date: 12/01/19 10:44
Newton, KS - Railroad Town
Author: bmarti7

My interest in trains can go back to Newton. Although I was born in Topeka, my father was born in Newton to a Santa Fe employee. Soon after, they moved to Argentine where my grandfather eventually became a yardmaster. Then he went into road service and died (literally) on duty of a heart attack when he was Conductor on the California Limited between Kansas City and Newton. My paternal grandparents and great grandparents are buried in Newton. While growing up in Kansas, we would go to a Memorial Day family reunion in Newton every year. After decorating the graves we would have a family dinner which was never more than 3 blocks from the Santa Fe main line. When my brother and I heard the whistle of No. 8, the Fast Mail, crossing Main St., we would race to the tracks in time to see at least 5 F-units roaring by after a quick crew change at the depot.

This Sunday afternoon in November, it was quiet with only one eastward train passing in 2 hours. But just sitting across from the depot, with great memories, was good enough for me.


1. The beautiful Santa Fe depot which now houses several businesses and the Amtrak station as well.
2. The CP 8119, FXE 4082 and BNSF 5108 lead the XCPACCD (grain empty Corpus Christi, TX-Concordia, KS) past the Newton Station. This train will turn left at Peabody and use UP trackage rights to Lost Springs where it will re-join BNSF rails on the Strong City Sub

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Date: 12/01/19 10:48
Re: Newton, KS - Railroad Town
Author: Bob3985

My late friend, Lloyd Stagner, lived in Newton for years and worked for the AT&SF.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 12/01/19 11:09
Re: Newton, KS - Railroad Town
Author: coach

That is such a handsome and well-built depot.  I love the masonry work!

Date: 12/01/19 12:37
Re: Newton, KS - Railroad Town
Author: trainman

Hope you enjoyed your visit in our town. Next visit we'll show you our replica of the Pauline depot we're building in Peabody.

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Date: 12/01/19 17:53
Re: Newton, KS - Railroad Town
Author: KskidinTx

Hey Mr. BB, just want to let you know I've really enjoyed your recent posts.  They really bring back many, many memories.

For example is this short post.  That Corpus Christi to Concordia empty hopper train.  I've had the privilege of operating trains from Corpus Christi to Gainesville, TX and from Arkansas City to Concordia (I missed through Oklahoma and also missed from Marion to Lost Springs as we used to run from Lost Springs to Neva).

And, that Newton depot.  More memories!  We used to rent a bed up on the 2nd floor above the Harvey House Restaurant.  I think we were charged $1.50 per night and it was mostly engineers and firemen as a lot of the trainmen stayed on their assigned cabooses.  Just wondering.........has anyone else on Train Orders ever stayed in the Newton depot?

I started my railroad career about 2 blocks west of the depot.  We hired out in the Master Mechanic's office and got our instructions for our student trips.  The clerk said there was a crew on duty in just a few minutes for a train going to Arkansas City and their power was just outside.  I locked up my car, boarded those engines and was off for a great experience.

BB, I think you ought to make 2 or 3 trips each year and keep on sharing your photos and stories with us.  They are great.  Of course anything "Santa Fe" and/or "Middle Division" can't be beat.  Just ask Lance. 


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