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Date: 01/02/20 18:37
East Victorville bridges on BNSF
Author: z-trains

I'm sure that many know about the work happening in East Victorville, CA on the Cajon Sub regarding the impending replacement of the twin bridges that cross the Mojave River there.  I have been told by someone who works in this area that the plan is to build 2 concrete shoo fly bridges around these old truss bridges, then remove and replace the steel bridges and subsequently put in place a third main through the area. 

Zach and I visited the site yesterday and we were shocked to see that rather than lowering the surrounding areas down to track level, work on the west side and south of the bridges has resulted in raising the area up to a height higher than the original area that SoCal Edison's buildings sit on.  This building up of the ground runs from the balloon track for the CEMEX plant all the way up to the bridge on track 1.  In the meantime, a piledriver has been seen regularly driving pilings in where the shoofly on the west end will go.

I would appreciate it if someone could provide details about what the finished outcome will look like here.  Will this indeed be triple tracked?  Will both steel bridges be removed?  If triple tracked, how far toward Oro Grande will this extend and how will it be built since the clearance between the Mojave River and the rock walls is not seemingly wide enough for 3 tracks?

Finally, I was told by another member on here who lives in Victorville that funding has been approved for building the road that will run just south of Frost natural flyover so I highly recommend anyone interested get out for shots ASAP since apparently this project can start very soon.

It is amazing how many iconic locations on the Cajon Sub have been replaced or will be replaced- pity that two more locations are about to become history.


Railfanjunction on YouTube.com 

Date: 01/02/20 18:41
Re: East Victorville bridges on BNSF
Author: MrMRL

Interesting historic info on these bridges can be viewed below... 


Lots of info on the project to add a wide road through the open land south of Frost can be viewed below...


~ Mr. MRL

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