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Date: 05/18/20 21:02
Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: mg8711

I've been having a lot of luck with railfaning lately, oddly enough in this chaotic world we've been living in I've found motivation to go out shooting trains in a way I haven't felt in a couple of years. 6 years ago today I graduated high school, and for whatever reason ever since then I've had a bit of lucky on or around May 18th. The luck held true tonight with an end of the day catch of UP 1982, the Missouri Pacific Heritage Unit in that evening Kansas light...

1) Communication with a friend of mine to the east revealed the 1982 was holding the main at Maple Hill...listening to the scanner revealed an eastbound train more than 40 miles away. I thought for sure I was going to get skunked, but instead UP 8369 snuck under the radar and was much closer than 40 miles away , leading a quick moving eastbound stack train.
2) Luck held out with the meet taking place at Maple Hill being quick, UP 1982 came rolling west with train IG4SI-18 at an easy rate of speed.

Both images taken at Paxico, Kansas on May 18th, 2020
Thanks for looking!

Date: 05/19/20 05:26
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: texchief1

Nice photos!

Randy Lundgren
Elgin, T'X

Date: 05/19/20 06:10
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: lilwes

Man Lucas you got some great light on that second photo.  Very well done.

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 05/19/20 08:06
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: santafe199

Nice! I wish I'd have known there was enough time for to run east toward your location, rather than where I ended up. Sometimes (MOST times) you just can't out-guess a RR... ;^)


Date: 05/19/20 13:37
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: ns1000

I like Pic 2!!

Date: 05/19/20 16:52
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: bobk

Nice shots!

Date: 05/19/20 19:33
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: SCKP187

Nice photos Lucas.  Good to see EMD leaders also.
Brian Stevens

Date: 05/20/20 07:21
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: ATSF2921

I like nbr 2.  Good light and comp.

Russell Honey
Springfield, MO
My Flickr page

Date: 05/20/20 08:10
Re: Magic Hour MoPac Heritage
Author: SP8595

Killer light on 1982!!!

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