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Date: 05/19/20 13:42
SSW 7772 B36-7
Author: sp8192

I may be asking for a long shot here...but does anyone have pictures of SSW B36-7 7772 in the early 90's when it was still in Cotton Belt paint?   I can only find one picture online.  

Date: 05/19/20 14:19
Re: SSW 7772 B36-7
Author: BoilingMan

SSW 7782 is as close as I get.

B&W nose shot on the Coast in Ventura County.

Date: 05/19/20 14:42
Re: SSW 7772 B36-7
Author: SP6053

This was at Roseville for testing
Jim Humphrey
Lancaster, Ca

Date: 05/19/20 14:55
Re: SSW 7772 B36-7
Author: Rathole

I don't have it in the early 90's, but maybe this shot from Oct 18, 1987 leading a train out of Memphis will help.  

Date: 05/20/20 11:52
Re: SSW 7772 B36-7
Author: tunnelmotor

There is a photo on My Espee website of said loco.  It could well be in the 1990s judging by the cindition of the locos featured: http://espee.railfan.net/nonindex/b36-7_photos/7772_ssw-b36-7-tim_harris.jpg

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