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Western Railroad Discussion > UP 3044 and the INPOA

Date: 07/28/20 21:02
UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: cchan006

Sunday before last, I was looking at headsupnorcal (migrated from Yahoo! Groups to groups.io) and saw a post mentioning the ILTLT (Lathrop "Shuttle", Lathrop to Oakland to Lathrop) and the INPOA (North Platte to Oakland). Both trains usually run on the Oakland Sub via Altamont Pass and Niles Canyon.

I was listening to the radio, and DS 58 must have been setting up a meet, asking both trains what their lengths were. UP 3044 (INPOA) said ~8500' and UP 5109 (ILTLT) said ~4500'. I headed out after that, hoping to catch the SD70ACe-T4 leader and picked Shinn (near the Fremont Amtrak Station) on the Niles Sub to intercept the train.

I had nothing else planned, so I made a lazy drive to the Oakland Coliseum to get an elevated angle of INPOA. AirBART came by for a meet. Entire train is not shown, but I throw in a clip of the mid-train DPU, GE Tier4. No rear DPU on this train.

About a week later, UP 3044 got oyw'd:


That's it for another quick report.

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Date: 07/28/20 21:51
Re: UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: krm152

Very nice video.  Thanks for your posting.

Date: 07/28/20 22:02
Re: UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: oyw

Excellent vid ol' buddy!

Date: 07/28/20 22:57
Re: UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: west

Here's the same train going through Newark a few minutes after your Shinn shot. It's entering the leg of the wye which will take it north onto the "little coast" to Oakland.


Date: 07/29/20 09:36
Re: UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: SCUfoamer

Thanks for the report CChan! I always nab this train, but have missed the T4 leaders. 

Date: 07/31/20 13:57
Re: UP 3044 and the INPOA
Author: trainjunkie

I'm such a dinosaur that when I read the subject line I thought, "Wait, there's still an SD40X running around?"

Yeah, I know.

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