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Date: 08/03/20 12:01
SP Autoracks
Author: PeaBock619

    Hello all,
      I'm looking for photos of Southern Pacific Autoracks. Does anyone have photos of gothic lettered SP autoracks in recent times, and have any of them been patched to TTX? 
Thank you,
Patrick Baca

Date: 08/03/20 20:59
Re: SP Autoracks
Author: EricSP

I am not aware of any being patch to TTX. I have, unfortunately, seen several repainted in yellow with a UP logo. It also appears several were repainted in SP colors in the early 2000s.

Several of the 70 ton flatcars have racks, http://www.railgoat.railfan.net/spcars/byclass/flat/index.htm.

You can check Railroad Picture Archieves and Railcar Photos. I should warn you that people in RRPA frequently enter the wrong car number.

SP autocarriers I have seen in recent years have been in the SP 516000, 517000, & 518000 series (F-70-65A and later).

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