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Western Railroad Discussion > Is the ex-SP "Shasta" car OK?

Date: 09/14/20 23:08
Is the ex-SP "Shasta" car OK?
Author: wattslocal

With all the forest fires in California, I am wondering if the SP "Shasta" business car is okay?
It sits in the woods and looks to very vulnerable to fire.

Watts local

Date: 09/15/20 08:15
Re: Is the ex-SP "Shasta" car OK?
Author: BAB

If you know about where it is find the fire in that area and it will show where the fire line is and for the most part consider most things inside of it damaged or destroyed.  Up the road from Chiloquin there was a horse camp area that had RVs and a house in it. The old Greyhound style MCI bus was mostly just a steel frame left there. 

Date: 09/15/20 08:29
Re: Is the ex-SP "Shasta" car OK?
Author: TCnR

No fires in that area.
A member of the Black Butte Society Center for RR Culture posted photos of the CORP reroute on TO just the other day. So far so good.

Here's their site:

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Date: 09/15/20 14:25
Re: Is the ex-SP "Shasta" car OK?
Author: Soo715

So far so good in the Black Butte area--but conditions are extremely dangerous right now, as we go into the third day of unseasonable high winds that would normally be more common in the winter.  A great deal of brush clearance and tree limbing and thinning has been done on the property, including with grants from CalFire. Still, the ability to resist a fire depends on the practices of neighboring properties, which is mixed to say the least. And a high wind event when conditions are this dry would be very hard to prep against, without paving over the whole area.

In addition to SP 109 there are seven other railcars at BBCRC, five of which are wood cars built between 1888 and 1930. Despite being closed for the pandemic, a small group of volunteers has continued with various restoration activities this summer. The Western Pacific/PFE reefer from 1923 has been almost completely resided and is being repainted into its original paint scheme. For SP 109, work continues on the windows and interior after earlier stabilization of the exterior.

There is a page on the BBCRC website devoted to the car and lots of photos of the restoration process:  https://www.bbcrc.org/shasta.html


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