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Date: 10/16/20 12:42
UP #1943 East
Author: CNW8531

ZLTG2-14 with UP #1943 leading taken earlier this morning.  First shot at MP 15 near Malone, Iowa.  Next shots leaving Clinton after a crew change.  Thanks to SP8595 for the heads-up!

Date: 10/16/20 14:56
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: AndyBrown

Nice!  It's surprisingly wide open there at Malone but I see a few saplings that need to be whacked.  Great fall weather out there.


Date: 10/16/20 22:50
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: oyw

Yes! Very nice.

Date: 10/17/20 08:01
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: ntharalson

Good ones, Angus, thanks for posting.  I hardly recognized 5th Street with all the trees in the background.  

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

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Date: 10/17/20 08:30
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: SP8595

Really nailed it in that first pic!

Date: 10/18/20 10:05
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: texchief1

Great shots!

RC Lundgren
Elgin,  TX

Date: 10/19/20 04:18
Re: UP #1943 East
Author: MILW86A

Excellent there Angus.


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