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Western Railroad Discussion > Toto Tuesday: Early Snow at Grantville

Date: 10/27/20 19:45
Toto Tuesday: Early Snow at Grantville
Author: route56

Yesterday, I had to make a quick run over to Topeka in an attempt to fix my internet. Overnight, we managed to get a measurable amount of snow. So, I took my trusty camera with me and traced my way along US 24 on my way back home. I did manage to see an oncoming westbound near Grantville. I didn't get to the south side of the tracks in time, but since it was overcast, it doesn't matter.

1: UP 8424 is on the point of the westbound manifest.

2: UP 7106 is the mid-train DPU

3: I don't think these reefers will need that much refrigiration.

All photos taken October 26, 2020.

Thanks for looking,

Richie Kennedy
McLouth, KS

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