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Date: 01/12/21 18:04
UP 1824
Author: dcfbalcoS1

          UP 1824 was the third unit on a west manifest last week in Liberal, Kansas. The unit is equipped with auto start as it cranked up a few times I was there but was not on line. Heard it was going to be set out in Dalhart Texas for some minor maintenance work. May be used there for a while.
          Rare to get SD40N units here, and nice wings on the nose too.

Date: 01/12/21 19:23
Re: UP 1824
Author: Texican65

If that’s what I think it is, we call those “snoots” up in pac nor west BN land. The long nose was for early DP equipment?

Cool picture...can’t be very many around anymore.

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Date: 01/12/21 20:45
Re: UP 1824
Author: PHall

There's a bunch of SD40N's running around Southern California. West Colton Yard is full of them.

Date: 01/12/21 22:25
Re: UP 1824
Author: mojaveflyer

I see it has a winter window on it so the engineer can lean out the window but not have to keep the window open in cold weather. It may see an assignement up  north this winter....?

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 01/13/21 13:35
Re: UP 1824
Author: The-late-EMD

Several years ago U.P. rebuilt 500 SD40-2's into SD40N's so they will be around for at least another decade..

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Date: 01/14/21 17:37
Re: UP 1824
Author: dcfbalcoS1

         This unit came back east today ( thursday ) as the trailing unit on a 157 car manifest and it was on line today.


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