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Date: 02/20/21 11:08
Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: drumwrencher

Former Cotton Belt GP60 9652, branded as UP 1005 at home on San Francisco, Ca. peninsula rails today (2-20-21)
I really wanted a pic of the engineer's side, but I didn't want to trespass... 
Built in 1989 for the dammed old SP, ok, SSW, I'm sure she saw plenty of mainline freight work.
Now, 32-some years later, I'd like to think the old girl is enjoying shuffling cars around the area as a good place to semi-retire. Hard to say how long before the borg cuts her up, I suppose.
Been a long time to still be scarlet and gray...

Enjoy. another, well, memory of "the good ol' days".


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Date: 02/20/21 13:26
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: The-late-EMD

Damn i'm old. I remember when she was brand new. The pride of the espee intermodal fleet.

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Date: 02/20/21 17:11
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: Zephyr

Here's sister UP 1089 switching with other GP 40s at Ozol Yard, Martinez in May 2019.

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Date: 02/20/21 17:20
Back in 1996....
Author: jbwest

I think these are three sister units in better days.  Taken somewhere in San Timoteo Canyon in April 1996.


Date: 02/20/21 17:31
Re: Back in 1996....
Author: Zephyr

Yes, a great shot of three SP GP60s!

Date: 02/20/21 23:57
Re: Back in 1996....
Author: SLORailfanning

Here are two patch photos of mine,

UP1053 at Guadalupe, January 1st 2020

UP1053 doing track speed south through MP251 at track speed, Sometime in March of 2020


Date: 02/21/21 00:36
Re: Back in 1996....
Author: kodachrome4377

Here are two more patches:
1. UP 1076 Ex-SSW 9660 at Albina Yard NE Portland, OR 9/10/17.
2. UP 1124 Ex-SP 9721 at Lake Yard NW Portland, OR 8/5/17.
John Bargert

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Date: 02/21/21 02:39
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: Evan_Werkema

It's natural to equate appearance with physical wellbeing, since with people it's usually pretty accurate unless they've had "work done."  With a locomotive, though, give a tired old war horse a fresh coat of paint and it'll look like it's ready to take on the world again, even it if isn't.  Conversely, I'm guessing 1005 has had more "work done" on its insides than its outsides since that layer of scarlet and gray was applied.

Last October, I found old and weary UP 1004 working with its young and spritely older sister 1003 at Tracy, CA:

Date: 02/21/21 03:55
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: masterphots

Here's a view of 9654 when new.   Carson (Dolores), CA  12/30/89

Date: 02/22/21 00:11
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: Evan_Werkema

masterphots Wrote:

> Here's a view of 9654 when new.  

Don't often see a shot of one of those plow pilots with the doors for the MU cables shut.  UP 1005 still has one of those pilots, but the door is missing on the fireman's side.

Date: 02/22/21 13:39
Re: Old SP (SSW) War Horse
Author: phthithu

Here's 1005 inside the Port of Redwood City switching out one of the customers back in December. Wish some of those speed lettered SP units would get sent to the Bay Area!

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