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Date: 02/20/21 18:02
CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: TheNavigator

Originating at Santa Teresa, NM, CN 3214 led 3 UP units elephant-style across the Yuma Sub and through San Timoteo Canyon this afternoon under a sunny sky and many miles from the Great White North.  After getting a late start, I was able to lens this interesting consist in a couple of locations.  Thanks too for the heads up today!

Thanks for looking,

1.  West of El Casco, after 3 eastbounds cleared.

2.  West of Ordway.

3.  Earlier, while waiting for the CN train, an eastbound out of City of Industry with CSXT 834 and 3091 entered the picture near El Casco. 

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Date: 02/20/21 19:00
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: Valleyman

Good seeing you today Gary. Even though it was for a brief moment. Least I could recognize you with the mask on. Can’t believe one CN leader could draw such a crowd. Your shots look splendid.


Date: 02/20/21 19:17
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: BoostedFridge

I hope the crew took advantage of the microwave and hot plate in that CN unit.

Date: 02/20/21 20:14
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: SWChief

That's just another Canadian snow bird come to Yuma for the winter.  Happens every winter. LOL

Yuell Howser did a segment once on the real annual occurrence.  Yuma's population explodes ( I think it more than quadruples) every winter from all of the northern snow belt retirees coming south for the winter.  Many come from the upper Midwest, especially Minnesota, but I think the majority come from Canada.  My wife's sister and her husband are retirees living in Ottawa, and they use their timeshare associations to come to Palm Dessert, California and another place somewhere in Arizona each winter and enjoy the time golfing.  It goes both ways though.  I'm told that many Californians and folks from Arizona in the timeshares use their allotments to head north in those same winter months to go skiing, especially to the slopes in Quebec and Vermont.  It helps balance things in the timeshares.


Date: 02/20/21 23:56
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: oyw

Very nice shots, #2 sure looks familiar!

Date: 02/21/21 10:56
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: PasadenaSub

Great set of photos as usual, Gary!


Date: 02/21/21 13:44
Re: CN Refugee on the Yuma Sub
Author: MacBeau

Nice catches of foreign power.

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