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Date: 02/23/21 10:50
Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: TheRaven


Brand new member to TO but I’ve perused the forums before and finally joined.

I’m looking at one of the old BNSF Chicago Division timetables from 2007 to sort of familiarize myself with the division (although I know it has changed over the last 14 years) and I noticed that in addition to the several different Chicago-area facilities (Eola, Corwith, Cicero, etc) there are a couple of listings that are a little more vague, namely “Chicago” and “Aurora”. My understanding was that Eola was in Aurora and that there is no “Chicago Yard” on the BNSF, at least not in the actual city. Would these be the Metra BNSF line terminals?


https://multimodalways.org/docs/railroads/companies/BNSF/BNSFETTs/BNSFChicagoDivETT%236 6-20-2007.pdf

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Date: 02/23/21 11:12
Re: Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: agent1522

I'm going to take a guess that Aurora refers to the Aurora Transportation Center where Metra stores their commuter trains overnight. Chicago could be the former Zephyr Pit.  This is where the Burlington serviced all of its passenger equipment and was a light maintenance facility for locomotives.  Metra now owns the facility and stores commuter equipment during the day for all lines that originate from the South side of Union Station. They also perform light maintenance on the cars and locomotives same as the Burlington did.

Date: 02/23/21 13:18
Re: Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: BurtNorton

Metra BNSF trainsets are stored/staged at the Aurora, IL transportation Center,   BNSF's 14th Street  Coach Yard/Shops/Yard, and Chicago Union Station.    A few trainsets are also run out empty to locations where they start as expresses back into the city, etc.   Nothing is done with passenger equipment at Eola Yard. 


Date: 02/23/21 14:33
Re: Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: kevink

While the OP inquired about Metra operations, seems like a good spot to highlight the BNSF yards. BNSF has three yards on the Chicago Subdivsion. From east to west: Western Avenue, Cicero and the aforementioned Eola. Western Avenue is a holding location for coal, oil and other freight to and from the NS. It also is a flat-switching yard for local freight.
Cicero has two intermodal yards, one on each side of the mains. Cicero also has holding tracks. Eola has yards on both sides of the main.
I left out Congress Park on purpose because for all intents and purposes, it longer serves as a yard and is primarily used for MOW equipment. The transload facility adjacent to Congress Park has several tracks on its property.

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Date: 02/23/21 15:28
Re: Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: Englewood

Can you give a page number(s) for the item(s) you have questions about ?

Date: 02/23/21 19:03
Re: Seeking info on BNSF commuter ops in Chicago
Author: NYC303

I'm assuming you're looking at the listing of division managers on page 3 of the timetable. Those at Aurora and Chicago are the BNSF managers for the Metra suburban service. I think the ones listed as being in Chicago had an office at 547 W. Jackson, which is the Metra HQ and was formerly the CB&Q HQ.

By the way, Corwith yard is actually in the city of Chicago.

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