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Date: 09/09/21 21:55
BNSF manifest biz to/from Oakland?
Author: jgilmore

Got to wondering how much loose-car freight business BNSF has in Oakland, enough to operate separate daily trains? Where is it yarded and where does it come from, local switch jobs/industries or transload? More or less than Stockton? The Bay-area mainline is dominated by intermodal, so I got curious just how much other stuff is left. TIA for any replies...


Date: 09/10/21 09:21
Re: BNSF manifest biz to/from Oakland?
Author: 3rdswitch

BNSF's main yard in the Bay area is Richmond. And, yes, there are daily RICBAR manifest trains.

Date: 09/10/21 11:38
Re: BNSF manifest biz to/from Oakland?
Author: SN711

If you are asking specifically about Oakland, versus Richmond, Oakland gets some car load traffic still. The cars arrive Richmond via the Barstow -Richmond Manifest trains. A yard job out of Oakland OIG handles the cars and locomotive balance moves between Oakland and Richmond. Oakland has the frozen food storage on the BNSF so there are always refrigerator cars coming and going. Also hoppers car traffic going to somewhere in Oakland. There might be others.

Richmond sees the cars for Oakland, tank cars for various chemical operations and hoppers for the carbon plant. There is other rail users in Richmond, and around the port.

But yes, otherwise intermodal UPS, containers for OIG and auto racks are a big part of the traffic.

Pittsburg sees the steel loads and chemical tankers.


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