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Western Railroad Discussion > Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point

Date: 11/28/21 20:37
Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: wye-it

This is Part 2 of the adVANture #44 (Columbia River Gorge) series.
Part 1 is here: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,5371034
Leaving the John Day Dam area, we headed west toward Maryhill and took the gravel road along the river to Bob’s Point.  We encountered another car at the end of the road and the two occupants got out and retrieved…camera gear!  Foamers?  I approached and inquired; they were indeed here to take photos of trains!  One of them had access to good intel on train movements and told me that a pair of westbound grain trains were due soon!
By now the wind had tapered off to near nothing!  And even though we knew the train was coming, we barely got set up in time!  The 2nd train surprised us, too; only 14 minutes behind the first one.  After it passed, we packed up and headed back east toward the vineyard we passed on the way in.  From atop the rocks, the photographer with the intel hollered to us that a 3rd westbound grainer was due soon.  We set up for it near the vineyard to take advantage of the color in the low November afternoon light.
1: our approach to Bob’s Point; Maryhill Vineyard in the foreground; Mt. Hood in the background. (Mrs. Wyatt photo)
2: Grainer 1; 7309 west near MP 110.  I barely got the drone off the ground before the train appeared through this cut.
3: a 5-pack of BN green.
(more photos to follow)

Date: 11/28/21 20:38
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: wye-it

4: dpu 7065 reflected in the Columbia River.
5: After the train passed, I spied the Rebel again…this time below the dam.  You’re looking east toward Maryhill (WA) and Biggs (OR). The eastern peninsula of Miller Island is on the left.
6: The Rebel is running right along the Oregon/Washington border as it passes the basalt cliffs of Miller Island.
(more photos to follow)

Date: 11/28/21 20:40
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: wye-it

7: Grainer 2; 7171 west. (Mrs. Wyatt photo)
8: dpu 5907.  Near the top of the ridge is a cut that the Lewis and Clark highway (SR14) passes through.
(more photos to follow)

Date: 11/28/21 20:43
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: asheldrake

GREAT photos on a gorgeous gorge day.   thanks for postings........Arlen

Date: 11/28/21 20:45
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: wye-it

9: After moving east to catch Grainer 3, 6701 west arrives just 35 minutes behind grainer 1. (Mrs. Wyatt photo)
10: the river side of the Maryhill Museum of Art. 
11: my first successful video post (grainer 3) on Trainorders.  That's Mrs. Wyatt at the tripod, waving to the crew.
That’s it for this post.  The next installment will have “meet” and “Maryhill” in the title.

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Date: 11/29/21 05:43
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: texchief1

Nice shots and video!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 11/29/21 08:24
Re: Westbound grain (x3) @ Bob’s Point
Author: FiestaFoamer

Looks like you had a fun time! #9 is such a nice photo spot -- with all the westbounds that BNSF pushes through the Gorge, an afternoon in those curves nestled along the road west of Maryhill can be quite the productive photo experience. 

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