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Date: 08/02/22 00:00
Nathan P3's on the CCT
Author: NickWolters

When the Central California Traction Company was awarded the contract to become the exclusive switching carrier of the Stockton Public Belt Railway (Port of Stockton), the shortline needed to purchase locomotives that were appropriate for moving cars around in a broad range of settings. Eventually CCT management settled on EMD SW1500's, where four were bought over the course of a few years and each happened to be of Southern Pacific heritage. In an awesome stroke of luck, it turned out that 3 of the 4 units happened to still be sporting Nathan P3 horns when they were delivered to the Traction Company.

Throughout the 20th century, numerous railroads from West to East fitted their power with the P3 air horn. SP was known for having a ton of P3's in circulation on a variety of locomotive models, where many sounded terrific while others soured and aged poorly. When all of the atmospheric factors align (particuarly in winter months), one can hear the sound of CCT's P3's carrying loudly across Stockton.

The video clips featured show CCT 1502 ("New Cast" P24R1), CCT 1503 ("New Cast" P24R1), and CCT 1504 ("Old Cast" P14R2) in service with their trademark horns sounding. Of note, 1504's horn is original from its earliest days on SP, while 1502 and 1503 appear to have gotten replacement P3's later on in life. Furthermore, 1501 is excluded in this because sometime after the UP-SP merger it was given a K3LAR2 which it still sports to this day... for now...

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Date: 08/02/22 08:03
Re: Nathan P3's on the CCT
Author: FiveChime

They all sound nice, just like the old SP!
Thanks for posting.
Regards, Jim Evans, Five Chime Consultants

Date: 08/02/22 09:00
Re: Nathan P3's on the CCT
Author: bnsf6606

Thanbk you for sharing...my favorite horn

Date: 08/03/22 18:25
Re: Nathan P3's on the CCT
Author: ns1000

Nice video!!

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