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Date: 08/04/22 07:15
Late #4, REAL late!
Author: santafe199

The good ol’ railfan grapevine was certainly busy yesterday. Inbound information covering 2 completely different moves got me outta the house and down the road to the Capital city of Kansas. First order of business was a very tardy Southwest Chief, which was figured into Topeka well after 5 PM. After over 40 years of knowing this shot at the 29th St underpass was possible the circumstances finally came together. But it wasn’t as easy as it looks. Still about a mile from its station stop I knew the train would flash through the scene very quickly. So I had no choice but to keep my camera up and ready. For nearly 15 minutes, as it turned out. That’s a looong time to be holding a camera up in the ready position! Even my shutter release “trigger finger” was starting to feel the strain...

1. The scene looking east along 29th Street in Topeka @ 5:13 PM. Persistence & patience paid off and...

2. & 3. ...at 5:27 PM I bagged a very late eastbound SW Chief, led by AMTK engines 190 & 180. Even with my D7100 in machine-gun mode I got only 4 usable images.

Date: 08/04/22 07:16
Re: Late #4, REAL late!
Author: santafe199

Just one more to show off some gorgeous (insert sarcastic snicker here) weeds n’ wires!

4. Now downtown AMTK 190 is finally creeping away from the station stop at 4th Street amidst yummy looking weeds & overhead utility wires.
(4 photos taken August 3, 2022 in Topeka, KS)

Also on the menu was BNSF’s readying of 9 business cars for a deadhead move out to Spokane, WA. I’ll post a few of those photos later on today...

Thanks for the tip(s)!
Lance Garrels

NO Rodney Zona-zone!

Date: 08/04/22 07:19
Re: Late #4, REAL late!
Author: train1275

Nice catches !!

Date: 08/04/22 09:27
Re: Late #4, REAL late!
Author: texchief1

Neat shots, Lance!

RC Lundgren

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