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Date: 08/05/22 11:26
King Street Station Overview
Author: rattenne

Seattle's King St. Station from Smith Tower on July 1, 1961. All those orange slivers are Great Northern passenger cars. (Jim Lekas Photo - Rattenne Collection)

Date: 08/05/22 11:58
Re: King Street Station Overview
Author: BrianA

This is a great photo.  So much to see here.  I remember seeing NP passenger F-units parked at the south end of the depot between runs and see some in this photo as well.  Yup, brings back good memories

Brian Ambrose
Renton, WA

Date: 08/05/22 12:47
Re: King Street Station Overview
Author: TAW

Almost all of the lower right third of the picture is now stadium and parking lot. There was no Royal Brougham Way.


Date: 08/05/22 13:26
Re: King Street Station Overview
Author: TCnR

Great photo, yep, lots to see.
Was a back seat driver during our years in Seattle, photos like this explain quite a few things.

Date: 08/05/22 20:07
Re: King Street Station Overview
Author: czephyr17

Looks like a late afternoon photo based on the shadows. The eastbound Builder and North Coast Limited departed earlier. The three GN coaches the switcher is handling may be from a recently arrived International from Vancouver or from the GN pool train from Portland. Or they may be building a Western Star for late evening departure. I’m guessing the NP power is waiting to go out on the Mainstreeter, also scheduled for late evening departure. Note the UP yellow car barely visible on the Union Station platforms.

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Date: 08/06/22 08:47
Re: King Street Station Overview
Author: Waybiller

Are there two silver cars at Union Station?  What might those have been?

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