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Western Railroad Discussion > Defender Exercise 2022 Equipment Back in Colorado

Date: 01/20/23 05:22
Defender Exercise 2022 Equipment Back in Colorado
Author: cozephyr

Union Pacific is moving Army Defender Exercise 2022 equipment back to Fort Carson, Colorado, starting in January 2023.\

About DEFENDER-Europe 22https://www.europeafrica.army.mil/portals/19/images/Defender%20Europe/DEFENDER%2022%20Logo.png?ver=hjt8PAmt5WBdKjNgNMfhPg%3d%3d=larger=inheritDEFENDER-Europe is an annual large-scale U.S. Army-led, multinational, joint exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability between U.S., NATO and partner militaries. This year’s exercise:
  • Focuses on building operational readiness and interoperability with a greater number of NATO allies and partners over a wider area of operations.
  • Is defensive in nature and focused on responding to crisis if necessary.
  • Demonstrates that the U.S. commitment to NATO is iron clad.
  • DEFENDER-Europe 22 includes more than 3,437 U.S. and 5,193 multi-national service members from 11 Allied and Partner nations.
  • Operations conducted across 9 countries
  • Includes strict COVID prevention and mitigation measures.
  • Utilizes key ground and maritime routes bridging America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Exercises new high-end capabilities such as the new U.S. Army Security Force Assistance Brigades and the recently reactivated V Corps.
  • Demonstrates our ability to serve as a strategic security partner while sustaining normal operations in the rest of Europe and Africa.

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Date: 01/20/23 06:16
Re: Defender Exercise 2022 Equipment Back in Colorado
Author: atsf121

Excellent video, I love the red barn in the snow.  And that's interesting hardware on the train.  Thanks for the details about the excercise, that's rather timely.  Practice makes perfect, although I hated that phrase when I was taking piano lessons.


Date: 01/20/23 14:13
Re: Defender Exercise 2022 Equipment Back in Colorado
Author: MEKoch

Any exercise involving UP operating trains on time and in a disciplined manner is bound to fail.  

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