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Western Railroad Discussion > Foreign power on 1x1 Grand Forks, ND -to- Northtown, MN manifest

Date: 01/27/23 21:08
Foreign power on 1x1 Grand Forks, ND -to- Northtown, MN manifest
Author: jmulhol2

A 1x1 Grand Forks, ND --to-- Northtown, MN eastbound (geographically southbound) mixed manifest freight train, with a foreign power DPU motor, is seen here passing MP96 on the BNSF Hillsboro Subdivision in Grand Forks, ND during the blustery and frigid late afternoon hours of 01/27/2023. The crew on this train was instructed to tie down at the "hotel" near Dilworth, MN as the relief/outbound crew was not on duty for a little while. Furthermore, this crew got lucky and was slated to immediately "flip back" on a return train departing Dilworth, MN soon. 

Train symbol: H-GFDNTW

BNSF #6742 (GE ES44C4; built: ??/????)
CP     #8157 (Re-built GE AC4400CWM; built: 10/1997)

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Date: 01/28/23 03:48
Re: Foreign power on 1x1 Grand Forks, ND -to- Northtown, MN manif
Author: bmarti7

Thanks for your bravery in taking these videos. I see it's-16F/-32 windchill there this morning, going to -21F tonight. I hope you're wearing gloves and ND-certified head gear. Hotel is a location west of the Dilworth yard office. In railroad jargon-apparently there was a hotel at that crossing eons ago. The area at the west end of that yard is called Big Ditch. Back to Hotel, there's an absolute rule that the Hotel crossing cannot be blocked by stopped trains making crew changes at the yard office. However I personally witnessed such one day with a late-running Z PTLCHC. The Google Earth image shows the Hotel crossing and the yard office on the northeast corner of the pic. The vacant area in between is the former intermodal ramp.BTW the Dilworth yard office is the nicest I've ever been in on the BNSF.

PCBill was 

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