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Date: 05/24/23 17:23
What in tarnation ?
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Looks like the ADM switcher I shot this morning in Galveston is about to give birth to a baby EMD SW type.

Date: 05/24/23 17:31
Re: What in tarnation ?
Author: tomstp

That is very similiar to a UP SW-10  rebuild.

Date: 05/24/23 20:39
Re: What in tarnation ?
Author: Milwaukee

The ADM switcher that had been operating under those reporting marks and number started life as D&RGW SW1200 139.   I suspect it's the same unit turned into this Frankenstein in recent years.   I had not heard about this creation so thanks for sharing the photo of what it has become.

Date: 05/24/23 22:07
Re: What in tarnation ?
Author: Evan_Werkema

That builder's plate looks like a Knoxville Locomotive Works plate, and the lead photo in this story pretty much confirms KLW turned it out. 


Knoxville usually takes old locomotive platforms and shoehorns new guts into them.

Date: 05/25/23 13:12
Re: What in tarnation ?
Author: PHall

tomstp Wrote:
> That is very similiar to a UP SW-10  rebuild.

Not really, they borrowed the electric radiator fan idea, as have several other rebuilders. 
There are other influences from other rebuilders like ICG, BN and CN too.

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