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Date: 09/30/03 18:39
Locomotive Identification Resources
Author: urslow

A few days ago I requested any wed sites or other resources for learning how to ID locomotives. Someone mentioned a book called "A Field Guide To Trains", I went to the bookstore today and they had 1 copy. It is copyrighted 1996, so I asked the folks there to see if it had been published later than 96. They checked and this book is now out of print. I had a hard time paying $16.00 for a 7 year old book. Does anyone know of a better or newer book, or should I buy this one anyway. I'm sure loco's are not like cars, in that there are new models every year. So I'd like to get the most current book I can.
I'll look at all recommendations.

Date: 09/30/03 18:47
Re: Locomotive Identification Resources
Author: slimjim

Date: 09/30/03 19:00
Re: Locomotive Identification Resources
Author: bnsfjordan

I own "Field Guide to Modern Diesel Locmotives" by Greg McDonnell and I find it to be a very useful resource. It gives detailed descriptions of locomotives and many interesting details. It doesn't include lomotives built before about 1970, so if you're looking for one that includes E and F units, this wouldn't be the one to get.


Jordan L.

Date: 09/30/03 19:15
Re: Locomotive Identification Resources
Author: urslow

To slimjim and Jordan,

Thanks guys for your tips, as usual the folks in this group provide fast and informative answers.

Thanks guys,

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