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Date: 01/29/04 22:00
Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: waykuhl

The house in the picture below is located in Roseville, CA., not far from the UP railyard. I hope the neighbors are train fans too.


Date: 01/29/04 23:48
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: jst3751

Is that the Signal Maintainer there?

Date: 01/30/04 00:24
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: tracktime

Hmm.. looks like one of those justifications as to why some neighborhoods have homeowners associations!


Date: 01/30/04 05:53
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals - Needs a PRR Positi
Author: Phil

Looks like a maintainer lives there and he either "works" out of his home or he takes his "work" home with him. Wonder what dispatcher controls these signals?? One signal he needs to add to the collection is a PRR position light. That would make it complete. Very interesting to say the least and thanks for sharing.


Date: 01/30/04 06:52
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: PaulMerriman

Right on Harry!
Hey why does he even bother with the rose bushes??
While I'll admit it is a cool collection, they don't look too good all bunched together like that.

Date: 01/30/04 17:35
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: CShaveRR

All that's needed now is an electrical tie-in between the wigwags and his garage-door opener!

A lot of railroad museums (musea?) would be envious of a collection like this!

Date: 01/30/04 17:39
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: rosevillebill


The Sacramento Bee featured an article on the man who owns the home and all the signals.
All the signals function including the bells.
The Bee reported the neighbors around the house did not take well to the noise, and the man has been told to keep the noise down.
The man only runs the noisy signals on limited occasions.
The Bee reported the man is a railroad buff like any of us, his interest in railroading is to collect old signals.


Date: 01/31/04 18:03
Re: Picture Oddity - Train Signals
Author: bobs

The is (was?) a retired signal supervisor in Tehachapi who has a far larger collection of working signals in his yard. He's featured in the Trains on Location -- Tehachapi video showing off some of this working goodies as well as explaining some of the working signaling and detectors between Cable and Mojave.

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