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Date: 06/04/04 21:49
Moonlight (for the contest)
Author: CimaScrambler

This past Monday night, a westbound Union Pacific stack train lights up the Mojave River Third Crossing Bridge in Afton Canyon, as the stars of the Big Dipper and The Lady's Chair wheel around the pole star above.

Date: 06/04/04 21:53
Moonlight at Lower Klondike Loop
Author: CimaScrambler

The white trailers on a pig train leave a ghostly aperition in the deeps of the night. BNSF Needles Sub, January 2003.

Date: 06/04/04 21:56
Midnight Passage
Author: CimaScrambler

Westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief passes in the night. BNSF Needles Sub, between Siberia and Ash Hill, January 2003.

Date: 06/04/04 21:58
Waiting in the Night
Author: CimaScrambler

At the west switch of Hearst Siding, a high green beckons on the main. Ex-Western Pacific Railroad at the head of Niles Canyon, California. August, 1989.

Date: 06/04/04 22:01
Author: CimaScrambler

On an unusually moist night in the heart of the Mojave Desert, the intermediate signal at Lavic casts light beams into the night. BNSF Needles Sub, March 2001.

Date: 06/04/04 22:06
Author: CimaScrambler

Commet Hale-Bopp hangs about the cement works at Monolith near Tehachapi, as a Union Pacific freight illiminates the right of way in its passage.

Date: 06/04/04 22:13
Author: CimaScrambler

Captured in the light of eight #22 flashbulbs, a Union Pacific train is frozen, yet transparent, at the milepost 377 signal bridge above Mojave on the Tehachapi Pass line.

Date: 06/04/04 22:17
Deep Blue
Author: CimaScrambler

Midnight at Bertram, Union Pacific Yuma Main.

Date: 06/04/04 22:19
Klondike Loops
Author: CimaScrambler

A heavy coal train descends on the number 1 track through the Klondike Loops, BNSF Needles Sub, January 2002.

Date: 06/04/04 22:23
Author: CimaScrambler

And finally, Moonrise at Sanborn, BNSF Mojave Sub, March 2004.

That's it for me.

It has been a pleasure looking at everyone's photos. There have been some good ones! Congrats to the winners, and thanks for looking.

- Kit

Date: 06/04/04 22:42
Re: Moonlight (for the contest)
Author: tmotor2

I don't care if there is only some resemblence of a train in that pic, it is pretty freaking awesome! And the other's are pretty nice as well, thanks for posting.


Date: 06/05/04 09:32
Re: Moonlight (for the contest)
Author: sdrake

Some amazing pictures that really show what can be done at night.

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