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Date: 03/12/06 08:40
Congrats to Greenflag...
Author: dmaffei

On a first place in the B&W photo contest at Winterail 2006 for this photo:


I'm glad I and others pointed out what a COOL photo this was on the Nevada Northern thread.


Date: 03/12/06 17:11
Re: Congrats to Greenflag...
Author: nycman

Yeah! Very deserving, a great photograph.

Date: 03/13/06 08:11
Re: Congrats to Greenflag...
Author: Winks

Very good Green Day, I mean Green Flag.

Congrats on a sharp photo.

Date: 03/15/06 12:56
Re: Congrats to Greenflag...
Author: GreenFlag

Thanks for the congratulations, much appreciated!

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