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Date: 08/21/09 14:43
UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: KeyRouteKen

From another 'Discussion Board" :

The Union Pacific has re-named Business Car "Sherman Hill" to "Reed Jackson" to Honor Reed for his years of service to the program.

UPP #5818 "Sherman Hill" Was the Baggage Car for the UP Steam Gift shop.

Courtesy of "Key Route Ken".... (from other news sources)


Date: 08/21/09 14:47
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: trainjunkie

I just read this as well from this source...


The concession car was a former RPO. It'll be a nice tribute to Reed, he deserves it IMHO.

Date: 08/21/09 15:26
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: atsf5701

Shows that he was not "just another employee" and thought of highly by his peers, not just railfans. I will be honored to be in his presence the next time I see the car.

Date: 08/21/09 19:45
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: MarcelineSub

Very nice of them!

Date: 08/21/09 20:08
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: UP6936

The process of renaming the "Sherman Hill" is going on right now, hopefully done next week, but they won't rush it the job will be done right. When the steam crew goes out with their concessions car the next time it will be named Reed Jackson. It really is a fitting tribute to Reed. Once we get pictures of it here in Cheyenne we will get some out here for everyone to see.

Date: 08/21/09 20:35
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: RustyRayls

Awesome!! Wonderful news. I did not know Mr. Jackson, but a few people that I have a lot of respect for have said some great things about him here and that's good enough for me! I know a lot of folks knock the UP but in so many ways they are one classy outfit!


Date: 08/21/09 21:13
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: UP_Tops

Heritage Car Renamed to Honor Steam Conductor
August 21, 2009 | 03:02 p.m. CDT

UP's Heritage Fleet concession car, the Sherman Hill, has been renamed in honor of the Steam Team's conductor – Reed Jackson – who passed away suddenly on Aug. 15 from complications following surgery for a brain tumor.

Following his father and grandfather into the railroad business, Jackson started working as a UP brakeman when he was 18. He was a visible ambassador for the railroad's steam program, serving as conductor on many steam trips and other excursions, including the 2002 Winter Olympic Torch Relay train and the George H.W. Bush Library special.

Jackson, 54, always dressed the part, selecting from more than 30 conductor suits he collected. During his career, he talked with thousands of people, answering their questions about the history of Union Pacific, its steam locomotives and passenger cars.

The newly named Reed Jackson concession car was built in 1961 by the St. Louis Car Company as Railroad Post Office (RPO) UP5818. It was converted into a maintenance of way tool car in 1968 and then into a maintenance of way kitchen car in 1981. After becoming part of the Heritage Fleet in 1992, it was converted into a concession car, from which many UP heritage and steam items are sold.

Jackson, who lived in Fort Collins, Colo., is survived by his wife, Martha, and three daughters. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackson's family and coworkers.

Date: 08/21/09 21:54
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: kklarr

That is great news, I was hoping that Union Pacific would do something like this as a tribute to Reed. You can't ask for a much better car to honor "Reed Jackson" as it travels with the steam trains and is usually the only car that is open to the public when they go on tour around the UP system. Thank You Union Pacific. Reed will always be remembered as a great friend.

Thank You
Kerry Klarr

Here is a picture I took of the Shermen Hill car near La Salle, Colorado. It was on the Cheyenne Frontier Days train last month returning to Denver.

Date: 08/21/09 23:23
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: burlingtonjohn

In an earlier thread about Mr. Jackson's passing, I had mentioned that it would be fitting for the UP to rename a car the "Reed Jackson". Returning home today from a railfan roadtrip to Burlington Iowa, I resolved to compose a letter to the powers that be for the UP, asking that they do so.

Thank you, UP. A fitting tribute, indeed.

Burlington John

Date: 08/22/09 09:08
Re: UP Tribute for "Reed Jackson"...
Author: imrl

What a wonderful tribute! It just goes to show you that the Union Pacific will go to great lengths to honor it's employees.

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