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Date: 06/04/12 20:09
Chessie Steam Special (Cincinnati)
Author: milfordgap

1) Photo runby at Midland City log dump from the Cincy-Chillicothe and return trip.
2) Photo runby from the Cincy-North Vernon trip.
3) Heading south onto the C&O bridge out of Cincinnati. I don't remember why there were diesels on the front end or where it was going. If anyone remembers, please share.

Date: 06/05/12 13:10
Re: Chessie Steam Special (Cincinnati)
Author: CGTower

Photo 1: Hmmm...trying to place this "log dump", which was is the train heading?

CG Tower

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Date: 06/05/12 16:34
Re: Chessie Steam Special (Cincinnati)
Author: milfordgap

THe train is heading east. The log yard was on the south side, west of the main north/south highway. It is long gone,

Date: 06/06/12 13:49
Re: Chessie Steam Special (Cincinnati)
Author: mhiser

The crossover for the number one track to the number two track and access to the Midland Sub should just be off to the right of where the photo was taken. Would love to know more about the log dump there. Amazing how much the scene has changed in the 30 plus years. The small yard off to the right with a single gondola is still in place along with both tracks. The trees and brush have taken over most of the surrounding area. Though they did clear out where the photo was taken a couple of years ago to unload pipe for the Rockies Express Pipeline that passed thru southern Ohio.

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