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Date: 11/05/12 19:40
UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: typebangin

Here's a little preview of video I shot this Sunday as UP 4-8-4 #844 traveled over Trinchera Pass thanks to BNSF trackage rights. I was surprised by the high number of folks chasing, though I guess the rarity of this routing combined with the great scenery made it worth a long trip for many (I drove down from Boulder, CO). People were stopping all along the highway as the train headed north from Texline, TX. In Des Moines, NM a big crowd came over from church while 844 was being serviced. Even the remote section between Branson and Beshoar was busy; the dirt roads probably saw a record amount of traffic that day. 844 seemed to have a nice patina of dirt by Walsenburg, probably in part due to all the dust kicked up between Branson and Beshoar.

This video shows 844 passing through Clayton, NM followed by a little pacing near Royce. The next clip shows 844 climbing the loop in Folsom, NM with the Capulin Volcano in the background. Finally, 844 approaches Trinidad in the last clip. Despite a flat tire Saturday afternoon near Barela, it was a great chase on a very scenic and rarely photographed line. Hopefully 844 will continue to utilize BNSF trackage for trips to New Mexico and Texas. Now all they need is trackage rights over Raton...


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Date: 11/05/12 20:09
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: nycman

James, your video work is always outstanding. Thanks for those shots.

Date: 11/05/12 20:44
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: gman1

wow.... just f*%$ing wow!!!!!
especially the pacing shots!

Date: 11/05/12 21:12
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: Mgoldman

I often find myself dragging the slider forward watching videos and
the same occurred here - except, I found myself dragging the slider
back a lot more often!

Great clip - very enjoyable!


Date: 11/05/12 21:43
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: Frisco1522

That's excellent video! The pacing is the smoothest I've ever seen.

Date: 11/05/12 22:49
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

That a beautiful video -- of one gorgeous
locomotive! VERY nice work! Thanks for
sharing it here!

Date: 11/06/12 06:11
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: alco636

Great work. I saw you out there. My compliments.

Al Seever
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 11/06/12 06:51
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: gjc

James, another excellent video. Really enjoyed watching it! Keep up the good work!

George Cataulin
San Diego, CA
Left Coast Rail Videos

Date: 11/06/12 08:48
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: mcdeo

AWESOME video!!! Thank you for posting.

Sigh...I have to work tomorrow and won't see her come through Denver. :-(

Mike ONeill
Parker, CO
Colorado Photos

Date: 11/06/12 12:03
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: tomstp

Good stuff, enjoyed it.

Date: 11/06/12 12:18
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: Phil1

I know I speak for many T.O. readers in saying thanks for this beautiful video of a great machine with breathtaking background scenery too. My only question is what is in his consist?. I see five cars two of which seem to be baggage type cars, one looks like a chair car, and I can not tell by the window configuration what the trailing car is. I hope a knowledgeable T.O reader and fan of UP passenger cars can breakdown this consist.Again thanks for the great video and keep'em comin'.

Phil Blommendahl
Getzville, NY

Date: 11/06/12 13:32
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: typebangin

The 5-car consist is made up of the 4 steam support cars: Art Lockman, Howard Fogg, Lynn Nystrom, and Reed Jackson, plus the Portland Rose coach. Someone more knowledgeable can give more detailed information.


Date: 11/06/12 15:53
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: MojaveBill


Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 11/06/12 22:46
Re: UP 844 - Trinchera Pass
Author: spdaylight

Gotta love that opening 180 degree pan shot in the video. Very smooth! Great work and nice variety of locations too!


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