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Date: 06/09/18 19:28
Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: PennRailVideos

On Saturday June 9th, 2018, Black River & Western hosted a "Railfest" event. Included in the festivities were 2-8-0 #60 on the passenger train and PRR SW-1 #9206 on a caboose train (which I didn't manage to get pictures of unfortunately). The Passenger Train went from Flemington to Ringoes, where you could connect with the Caboose train.

1. #60 heads south with the 11:30am train out of Flemington at Everetts Road.

2. #60 with the 2:30pm train pulling into Ringoes.

3. #60 on the siding at Flemington.

Date: 06/09/18 19:34
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: PennRailVideos

4. #60 now on the main at Flemington.

5. #60 roaring past us at Copper Hill Road with an adroit hogger in the seat.

6. There's that adroit hogger again! This time near Toad Lane just outside of Ringoes.

I do have to say I think the railroad and railroad historic trust did a good job with the event. It was very well advertised and very well patronized from what I could tell. Hopefully they can make this an annual thing, and grow the possibilities.

Date: 06/09/18 20:35
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: Bob3985

Great photos all but for me #1 takes the photo of the day with that fantastic crisp clearness and great contrast and definition.
Thanks for sharing these with us.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 06/10/18 03:41
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: andersonb109

Nice looking train. The way a tourist train should look. No intruding flags on the loco or open cars and appropriate RR lettering.

Date: 06/10/18 03:48
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: Keystone1

Andersonb109. You are sounding more and more like me.

Date: 06/10/18 09:25
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: steamfan759

Adam - A fine group of photos from yesterday. We rode the 1PM train and had a fine time with my 10 month old grandson on board. The event was well attended and most of the trips were sold out. I was also very pleased to find out that the Black River Historical Trust has been attracting YOUNGER volunteers over the past few years. This event was planned and executed by the younger volunteers and this is great to see. We have to have younger people involved if these events are to continue. Number 60 is under steam again today as I can hear it from my back yard.


Date: 06/11/18 09:44
Re: Black River & Western 'Railfest'
Author: cjvrr

Great shots Adam. Congrats on another IOTD

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