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Date: 11/26/18 19:27
Polson #2, pre-Pete Lerro Charter
Author: shay2305

Last month my Dad, Zoohogger, posted this picture of my family watching me take Polson #2 from Tillamook to Garibaldi prior to the Pete Lerro Charter on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.


Here is the video my wife took as the train crossed 3rd St in Tillamook, OR.  Because the crossing is "exempt" the train must have the crossing protected by a crew member before proceeding across.  On the ground protecting the movement is TO member Brandon, "McCloud 25".  In the cab is fireman Martin Adams and in the gangway is the owner of #2, Skip Lichter.  It was a great week and thanks to all the people who participated and made it possible.

Aaron Zorko

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Date: 11/26/18 19:34
Re: Polson #2, pre-Pete Lerro Charter
Author: Mgoldman

Did you add the modern car, signal and signal box and safety vest through 
some kind of digital video editing program?

I don't remember "seeing" any of that stuff while on the charter  ; )

Nice clip - thanks for sharing!


Date: 11/26/18 20:24
Re: Polson #2, pre-Pete Lerro Charter
Author: jbwest

It's great when the crew (and family....especially wives) has fun too despite all the long hours and hard work.  Thanks to all the OCSR volunteers who put in a LOT of effort to give us photogs a great several days, not to mention their supportive spouses, significant others, parents, and whoever else helped them put up with all this nonsense!  We may have thought 6 a.m. was early, but they were there hours earlier getting it all ready.


Date: 11/27/18 04:17
Re: Polson #2, pre-Pete Lerro Charter
Author: Jim700

Thanks for posting the video, Aaron.  I ran it back to the blimp hanger in Tillamook on Sunday after the charter week ended.  All week long I was impressed with how well Skip's engine rode on Class 1 track and it fires so easy after a little tweaking of the atomizer line.  I wish I could pick it up and move it with a giant helicopter to replace the F9 I'm currently running many miles to the north for 30-some nights through New Year's Eve.

Now over two-thirds of a century since (while sitting in my dad's lap) I ran my first locomotive, I'll still choose a steamer over a diesel for its responsiveness, not to mention the added benefits of the sight and the sound.

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