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Date: 05/08/19 15:15
Big Boy's 'break-in' run....Cheyenne
Author: Midnight_Goat

Back on Thursday May 2nd, 2019 Big Boy 4014 ventured out onto the mainline, under steam, for the first time in 60 years for its initial mainline trial run. As it so happened that Thursday was my 'Sunday' so I was able to follow much of the afternoon's activities. 

1) 4014 shoved east out of the yard at 508 and onto main three, after getting a light the Big Boy rolls west into Cheyenne as an eastbound heads towards North Platte. 

Thanks for looking,

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Date: 05/08/19 16:28
Re: Big Boy's 'break-in' run....Cheyenne
Author: refarkas

"A+" images!

Date: 05/08/19 20:03
Re: Big Boy's 'break-in' run....Cheyenne
Author: Trainhand

I chose this thread because it didn't have many posts.  Congrats to the UP, Ed, all the steam shop employees, and the contractors UP used for the Race to Promontory.  The engines have arrived at Ogden, more or less under their own power, they have attracted large crowds,and delighted observers. I just hope that the powers in charge at the UP keep the steam program going.


Date: 05/08/19 20:21
Re: Big Boy's 'break-in' run....Cheyenne
Author: holiwood

Thanks to all involved.  I am glad things are going well and continue that way. 

The first model I bought with my money was a Riverrossi Big Boy, never thought a real one 
would run again

Date: 05/09/19 14:32
Re: Big Boy's 'break-in' run....Cheyenne
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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