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Date: 05/13/19 22:11
Hey Ed, Catch
Author: walstib

Union Pacific steam program manager Ed Dickens reaches out to catch a medallion from a crewman, during a service stop today at Granger.

Whenever a crewman is working on the locomotive at a servicing stop, their medallions are attached to the blue flag hanging from the cab window.

The locomotive doesn't move until each crewman has retrieved his medallion.

Date: 05/13/19 22:48
Re: Hey Ed, Catch
Author: CarolVoss

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Carol Voss
San Jose, CA

Date: 05/13/19 23:49
Re: Hey Ed, Catch
Author: E25

'Wonder whatsup with "Moonlight Services?"  LOL

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 05/14/19 07:19
Re: Hey Ed, Catch
Author: ExSPCondr

bakersfielddave Wrote:
> was that the Pilot Engineer sitting behind him
> ....?
No, not without safety glasses on in the open window.

Date: 05/14/19 09:34
Re: Hey Ed, Catch
Author: Trainhand

Who's the blonde?

Date: 05/14/19 14:18
Re: Hey Ed, Catch
Author: Txtrainman60

His daughter perhaps? A little young looking to be his wife!
Trainhand Wrote:
> Who's the blonde?

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