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Date: 07/07/19 19:05
BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: OCtrainguy

Over Memorial Day weekend, Black River Historical Trust ran trips with BR&W #60 pulling the trains on Saturday and Sunday.  I was able to get out to ride and photo the steam engine on Sunday.  Here are some photos and two videos from Sunday, May 26th. 

1.  After arrival in Flemington, the engine pulls away from the coaches and begins the runaround process
2.  Passing the coaches on the runaround as a crowd gathers
3.  Backing to the coaches

It was time for me to board the train!  More photos to follow...


Date: 07/07/19 19:11
Re: BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: OCtrainguy

After riding my train to Ringoes and back, I phographed the next train as it headed to Ringoes.

4.  Leaving Flemington
5.  Passing the golf course south of Flemington as the clouds start to move in
6.  With the clouds now covering the sky, I thought a black and white look would be better

Two videos to share as well to follow, 

Date: 07/07/19 19:21
Re: BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: OCtrainguy

The two videos:

The first is of the engine beginning the runaround process in Flemington and in the second video, the train is leaving the town of Flemington.

I was glad I was able to ride and photo the train.  Hope you enjoy the photos and videos! 

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Date: 07/08/19 04:30
Re: BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

Date: 07/08/19 08:51
Re: BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: boejoe

Was the caboose open for passengers (up charge?) or just coupled to the train for effect?

Date: 07/08/19 17:38
Re: BR&W #60 on May 26th
Author: OCtrainguy

Coupled to the train for effect.  They have run caboose hops in the past and am hoping they do that again soon. 

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