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Date: 07/08/19 20:13
4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: mopac1978

Lake Sidney, you ask?  Well, the story is this.  My wife and I have been out in Oregon visiting my son and his family.  We had planned our return trip home so that we could chase 4014 tomorrow from Sidney to North Platte, NE.  Coming from Twin Falls, ID this morning, we arrived in Sidney around 8pm.  There had been quite a large thunderstorm that moved through the area earlier in the evening, which must have dumped a huge quantity of rain in a short time.  Hence, Lake Sidney.  For just a few brief moments before the sun sank below the western horizon, the following views were available.  Enjoy!


Date: 07/08/19 20:17
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: mopac1978

Here's one more image:

Date: 07/08/19 20:25
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: jethat

excellent pictures. Thanks.

Date: 07/08/19 20:40
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: Mudrock

Beautiful images.  Thanks for sharing these with all of us!


Date: 07/08/19 21:22
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: Bob3985

Great photos and thanks for sharing them. Yes, eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska has had a lot of rain this season.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 07/08/19 22:16
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: callum_out

We had dinner one night about 200 yards from the Best Western in Sydney, walked for a little exercise,
big mistake, we damn near swam back! It's like Denver, don't like the weather, wait a few minutes.


Date: 07/08/19 22:43
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: weather


Date: 07/08/19 23:20
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: jethat

They do get some serious rain in Nebraska. I was once in a rainstorm on I80 I could see less then 20 feet from my car, They also get tornados..

Date: 07/09/19 04:13
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: refarkas

Gorgeous photos.

Date: 07/09/19 14:46
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: lirrman

Great photos! I worked for the MoP from 1978 to '82. Were you an employee? Pretty good outfit. It was the money-making-est RR in the US back then.

Date: 07/09/19 15:11
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: UP951West

What excellent images ! thanks for sharing. Please post your images from the Sidney to North Platte portion on 7/9/19 . 

Date: 07/10/19 06:20
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: gregscholl

At first glance it looks like a dead engine somewhere with the windows closed and no hint of steam anywhere.  Do they let the fire die out completely and re-ignite each day.  I often wondered about that with those oil-burners.
   I normally am not that big on static shots, but I have to say you hit on two of my favorite things in one shot(Several really), glinting low light, and reflection shots.
Well done!

Date: 07/10/19 07:12
Re: 4014 at Lake Sidney
Author: Frisco1522

I think the normal procedure (at least with 1522) was to blow out the burner, blow back the oil line, close the firing valve and damper and pull the oil cutoff to the tender and cap the stack.  We would bring her up to just below popping with a full glass of water prior to all of this.
Her boiler was tight, as 4014's appears to be and next day we would have about 180# and 3/4  glass.   Heat the oil and light off at our leisure.    One time we went over 36 hours and still had enough steam to light off.  That was pushing it.
There's no sense to someone sitting on the engine all night using oil and water to keep an engine up to pressure unless you could be called at any time.

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