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Date: 11/03/19 23:44
UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: E25

Unfortunately, I was  unable to attend the festivities in California, but I was able to make a quick trip to Yuma for a couple of images.

Definitely an impressive piece of machinery!

Image (1) is in the Dome Valley, about thirty miles east of Yuma.

(2) is at Mohawk, about forty miles further east.

(3) is near Stoval, about fifteen or so miles from the previous scene.

 I had never visited this area, so it was a new adventure for me.  And for my old Buick, too... LOL. 

There aren't improved roads on the east side of the Dome Mountains that run anywhere close to the railroad tracks, so the only access was via some rock-strewn, sand-layered, washed-out and un-maintained access trails that work their way along the power lines and canal.  I probably won't be going back in there anytime soon, at least not until I can shoot a set of Espee "Black Widow" F7s on a freight or 3 PAs on the Sunset... haha.

I'm still getting used to using digital equipment.  I discovered that when shooting aircraft that any direct sun reflection off the subject matter dramatically affected the auto-focusing of my newer "professional" digital cameras.  So, not wanting to take any chances after replacing my old-but-reliable reliable film cameras, I set up all of my digital cameras in "manual" mode for train shooting.  Go figure.  But the shots came out okay, so I'm not complaining.

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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Date: 11/04/19 03:15
Re: UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: mundo

Thanks Greg.    Good photo's in an area few see.

Date: 11/04/19 07:26
Re: UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: sanjac-tim

Nice series of photos there. I almost thought for a second that I was browsing at some of your slide collection.

Tim Anderson
San Jacinto, CA

Date: 11/04/19 12:04
Re: UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: callum_out

Nice, good area to shoot, glad someone went out there!


Date: 11/05/19 18:02
Re: UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: ironmtn

All quite nice, and thanks, Greg. Number 2 is particularly well done. You really have a sense of the 4014's sheer size in that image, but also how remarkably sleek it appears in a wide, broadside view like that. It is an aspect of the engine that I was not prepared for when I followed it on the first trip back in May, but which really impressed me at the time. Your image really brings that element out. Thanks again for some fine images in a territory where we would have never expected to see a Big Boy. The remarkable story continues....

Date: 11/06/19 17:43
Re: UP #4014 in Southwestern Arizona
Author: E25

Thanks for your nice comments. 

Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

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