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Date: 11/26/19 19:45
Author: OKTrainboys

The request was put in early, so here is enough KFC for the steam crew and Coffeville, KS. yard crew Saturday evening......It was the least we could do. Some crew had to stay with the engine all night, so "delivery" was requested. What was cool is the fact you could clearly hear the whistle from the yard not very far away as the 4 buckets of chicken and all the fixin's were being picked up at the KFC drive thru. Kinda like McDonalds in Durango, Co. on steroids!

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Date: 11/26/19 23:40
Author: Hillcrest

Kentucky Fried Cooper! (I think the delivery vehicle's a mini C, yes?) Well done guys, I bet it was appreciated.

Cheers, Dave

Date: 11/27/19 14:40
Author: nycman

Good for you and Tanner, Mike.  Happy Thanksgiving to all steam fans here.

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