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Date: 12/01/19 16:02
FEC / US Sugar 148
Author: Ironman

It looks like 148 is coming along nicely.

Does someone know what the operational plans are?  Does US Sugar have passenger cars?

How much trackage do they have to run her on?

Any info would be great!



Date: 12/02/19 12:17
Re: FEC / US Sugar 148
Author: Hillcrest

It's interesting how little coverage FEC 148 gets, as its saga in the steam community is pretty well known. Aside from the Facebook posts, I don't know much other than what the contractors (old and new) have posted there but U.S. Sugar has either a website or a Facebook page with some info. They do have quite a bit of their own track, about 150 miles of it IIRC and a link to outside rail with CSX I believe...Considering how worn out this locomotive was purported to be and the extent/expense of the overhaul I'm surprised it's not a more popular topic here than it is.

Cheers, Dave

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