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Date: 02/09/20 17:46
Reading 2102 Update
Author: akpsteam

Saw on the latest magazine by the R&N with the latest update on 2102 on page 18.

"Steam locomotive 2102 had extensive work to the boiler performed this past year; the firebox with many new steel sheets welded in, 700 new stay bolts and 600 stay bolt sleeves were installed and installed all tubes/ flues in boiler,  ten new washout plugs and all new boiler studs were
also installed. In addition 90% of the lubrication lines were replaced, rebuilt both lubricators and the Worthington cold water pump was rebuilt. Still a lot of work to be done but we are expecting to have the locomotive in service by the third quarter of 2020."


Date: 02/09/20 18:43
Re: Reading 2102 Update
Author: Trainhand

I scanned the whole publication, and read carefully some of the articles. What amazed me most about this document was the emphasis on the employess who do the dirty work of the rr, not the VP who has the next best idea sice canned beer and sliced bread. There was mention of the rr not wanting to hire somebody then have to furlough them. They also appeared to be a very community minded organization that was truly concerned about the image they put to the public and the public's opinion of them.  All of this is the complete opposite of the class one I worked for.



Date: 02/09/20 19:17
Re: Reading 2102 Update
Author: callum_out

You'll find a shortline in the Portland Oregon area run in a similar manner. The best you can hope for is that the railroad has
a plan in place for that level of enlightened management to continue in the future. 


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