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Date: 06/27/20 09:08
Strasburg in steam
Author: boejoe

Just clicked on Strasburg's virtual camera and I see what looks like the 2-10-0 at the end of a string of passenger cars acting like awaiting departure soon.

Date: 06/27/20 09:11
Re: Strasburg in steam
Author: Juniata


They are running N&W #475.

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Date: 06/27/20 09:19
Re: Strasburg in steam
Author: boejoe

Thanks.  From a distance it was hard to tell for sure.  I like to watch Strasburg's own camera as they feature Leaman Place directly under East Strasburg camera and one doesn't have to click between two different YouTube addresses to catch coming and going.  You can see both locations one over top of the other.
Edit: schedule looks like daily service will now operate until mid-November.

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