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Date: 07/24/20 21:49
Norfolk & Western 611 and Conrail New Photo Site
Author: CR5502

Hi everyone, 

After seeing some amazing photos of the 611 in Strasburg this past Ocotber on Trainorders, I thought I would start a new site to share some of my railroad photos. I've been succesful at staying away from Facebook and other social media sites, but I thought it would be good to share some of the photos I have taken. I use a mix of 35mm film and digital to capture my photos. Feel free to drop by and check it out. https://www.the-boring-the-adoring.com/

I used to have a site called Wes Reminder Online back in the early 2000s, but it has long been offline. I started a simple blog on my new site that features some of the Conrail office car photos, diagrams and HO models like my old site had. I'll be adding more pages and diagrams for specific cars over the coming weeks. 

Hope you enjoy!

Date: 08/03/20 18:36
Re: Norfolk & Western 611 and Conrail New Photo Site
Author: Wheelclix

Very nice teaser shots on your site. I am looking forward to the full presentation. Over time from those early 1980's excursions to the first "last run" I noticed many subtle changes in her appearance. I am sure your photos will show that. In fact in those times I kept the N&W steam schedule in my desk each year in Southern California. Whenever there was a need to travel East on business I would try to coordinate the dates with one of the excursions. It worked most of the time So bring it on!

Bob McMillan
Producer of Valhalla Video Productions

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