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Date: 01/07/21 06:35
A friend got a bell for Christmas
Author: NormSchultze

A friend is looking to identify the bell he got for Christmas. It is "thought" to be from a B&O steam Loco, but that is less than certain.  
There are two numbers on the yoke: A4140 and A 4386.   On the base the numbers are badly worn but appear to be 13811.   Any help greatly appreciated.

Date: 01/07/21 06:48
Re: A friend got a bell for Christmas
Author: LoggerHogger

Numbers on the yoke are usually casting numbers and of no help to ID a bell.

If this bell is off a Baldwin built locomotive, your freind needs to take off the nut on the top of the bell and look to see if there are numbers and letters stamped into the top of the neck of the bell itself.  If he finds those numbers, then you can tell exactly which locomotive this bell came off.


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