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Date: 04/02/21 13:37
A First Public Run
Author: MacBeau

The documentation accompanying this image at the Library of Congress is as follows: "St. Peter's dome, Colorado, C.S. & C.C. [i.e. Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek] Short Line." The date given is Circa 1901, and since the CS&CC was formally opened to the public in April that same year, one can't help but speculate that $4.5 million for 45 miles of railroad was enough to draw the eminent photographer William Henry Jackson and his 8x10 to record the event.  


Be of good cheer,

Date: 04/02/21 13:50
Re: A First Public Run
Author: superfleet

Oh how the promise of riches inspired so many railroads to be built in the vicinity of Colorado Springs, sadly none of the lines going west survived.  BNSF and UP may still touch the Springs area, but even the Rock Island didn't survive.  I can only imagine what a thrilling train ride it woould be to take either the CS&CC or the Midland Terminlal over to the gambling mecca in the town once known as Cripple Creek.  Taking a look at Cripple Creek now versus 100 years ago one can lament the onset of "progress"

Thanks for posting such a great image.


Date: 04/02/21 14:21
Re: A First Public Run
Author: refarkas

A historic scenic gem!

Date: 04/02/21 14:22
Re: A First Public Run
Author: millerdc

Wonder if anyone can identify the location and see what it looks like today?  Probably visable from Highway 24.

Date: 04/02/21 20:02
Re: A First Public Run
Author: elueck

To see St. Peter's Dome,  You will have to drive from Cripple Creek toward Colorado Springs on the Gold Camp Road (that runs basically on the railroad grade.  You can't miss it when you see it.  

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