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Date: 01/16/23 12:18
Author: tomstp

I first thought this was a Louisiana shot but now remember it is not.  It is 908 in Texarkana.

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Date: 01/16/23 12:30
Author: tomstp

Here is the rare shot in New Orleans  of  4-8-2   # 907 .  Reason they are rare is because they were not allowed in La. until bridge stiffening in La in 1950 and steam had only months to live.  When retired in 1951 all the 4-8-2's had at least a couple of years flu time rremaining and were kept stored in case of traffic surges which rarely came..

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Date: 01/16/23 13:08
Author: MaryMcPherson

I know this is heresy as it would remove the T&P logo plate from the location, but to my eye those locomotives would look perfect with a smokebox mounted bell and with the logo on each of the air compressor shields.

Hey... who threw that tomato!

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

Date: 01/16/23 13:15
Author: PVSfan

I knew Tom Stamey would come through.
Thanks for the extra photos!

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